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Roslyn School Garden Project

Updated: Apr 5, 2018

Eco Warrior students are keen to grow food that can be sold at the Roslyn School market day. The summer weather has been great for growing in the re-purposed school swimming pool.

However, there are challenges working in this space:

  • Watering has been constant and the students have been thinking about how they might capture rain for irrigation.

  • The students also know that when the weather gets colder they may struggle to grow things that can be sold.

The answer: a greenhouse!

The Eco Warrior group, who put themselves forward from the whole school, were asked to put forward ideas. Their brief:

  • Create a year-round environment for growing vegetables

  • use eco-friendly materials

  • capture water for re-use.

Once the design was agreed the building could start.

Look forward to the next instalment to find out what surprising choice in building materials the environmentally conscious students have come up with.



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