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Soil, Food and Society open and available.

Updated: Dec 12, 2017

After a year of iterative development and trials He Oneone, he Kai me te Hāpori​ is now available to teachers ahead of the 2018 academic year.

Mandy Veza, a year 4-5 teacher from Roslyn School in Palmerston North is looking forward to using the resource.

“We are hoping to use this resource to help teach our children how to make an edible sustainable garden, teaching them along the way about where our food comes from.

“We believe using our gardens is a great way to teach science away from the classroom outside in the fresh air. The students become part of the learning process, gain skills and enjoy the healthy foods they grow.”

Our Community

Feedback during the development of the resource suggested providing a place where users could share their stories and students could safely publish the findings of their inquiries.

These community pages are available for staff and students using Soil, Food and Society. If you have a story to tell or message to share please use the 'contact us' feature in the website. We will be in touch to help you publish.



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